Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Gaming: Completed Game!

I've been on a role lately with my games. :D It didn't feel very long ago that I finished Tomb Raider Legend! But today I'm proud to say that I finished Mass Effect! \o/

Mass Effect
Completed: 3/3/2010

It has been a while since I completed a RP game and after completing ME it has definately reminded me how fun they can be. Although it has its flaws (DAMN that annoying MAKO! >.<) I loved the story and it has me squealing with excitement to play the second installment! :D I plan to come back to it soon and replay as a "badass" biotic (selecting all the evil options mwhaha) and replay again also with my now lvl 50 "Jess Shepard" to complete the rest of the achievements.

I've just this minute put in Fable 2. I got hooked on it a while back so I'm looking forward to playing again. (And having my cute furry pal!)

With my stitching, I've been trying my best to get cracking on the Wren picture for my parents. I still need to update my thread on the CrossStitchForum... *donks noggin* When I can remember to charge my phone lol..

Until next time, Happy gaming and stitching!

P.S: I had my romance on ME with Kaidan, and during the "infamous scene" he had the scariest popping out of the sockets eyes! O.O I'm surprised my Commander Shepard wasn't put off! xD