Saturday, 20 February 2010

Gaming: Completed Game!

Tomb Raider Legend
Completed: 25/1/2010

I should have updated with this a month ago (when I actually completed it... ^^; ) but better late than never!
Although more action packed than Anniversary, it was still a ton of fun to play (although I did miss the whole "alone and in the middle of nowhere" feel). I would thoroughly recommend Tomb Raider Legend.

I'm now in the process of playing Mass Effect 1 (ME2 looks amazing!) Wrex and Kaidan are my squad members throughout and so far so good!

Stitching wise I'm a little attatched to this freebie Margaret Sherry kit that came in CrossStitcher a while back. It's a real cute design with 2 kitties on a swing. Awwh. :)

Happy gaming/stitching all!

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